What does integrity mean and how can I live with integrity?

Integrity comes from the Latin word integer and means: whole, complete, honest, intact, pristine.

It describes the original state of being. Everything underlies the principle of flow and stagnation. Flow is the natural state of being. You can also be in the flow. If we are in the flow of life then we are experiencing harmony. When we are in harmony we will have enough energy to master our challenges. We are able to make lots of new beautiful experiences and we can grow from them to become better, wiser and more loving beings.

Often we stop living our life with integrity, then we are no longer on our personal journey, are no longer in the flow. We tend to do this out of dishonesty, to avoid social pressure, to satisfy our families, partners, friends or colleagues. We are now following other rhythms while losing our own rhythm - the very unique sound of our soul.

Once we have lost our unique sound we often can not even understand ourselves anymore and we are feeling very uncomfortable. People around us can’t sense us anymore and this will create tension. The universe can’t understand us either and can't answer our questions. This creates stress for our whole being. Stress is the opposite of harmony and each system collapses when stress is too high. At the same time we are giving our life-force energy (our vital-force, Qi) away because making other people happy while lying to ourselves cost a lot of energy.

Our life energy is very precious and if we lose to much we fade away - no life-force energy means no life.

But we always get opportunities to come back to our path. The universe wants to support us and will send us signs. First these signs are very subtle but soon they will become more obvious and we might suffer from chronic conditions like headaches, acne, arthritis or tumors. So if we don’t take action on these matters the disharmony gets too big. Thankfully one part of our body will sacrifice itself and gets sick. Now this part of our body acts like alarm signal. The body tries to point out the imbalance in our lives. When we finally created a symptom - yes we are the creators of our own symptoms- we wish that these annoying symptoms will hopefully disappear soon. However we have created these blockages so that we can recognize the obstructions to the flow energy and can remove those.

Problems can only be solved at its very root. By applying intuitive diagnostic and by using the arm-length test (a unique muscle testing method, developed by the German physician Uwe Albrecht) we can find the root cause of your blockage. You will get specific instruction how you can get back on track and you will have the chance to take on full responsibility while moving forward on your personal journey. You will get back in your personal rhythm. You will be able to live a high quality life with abundance of energy and harmony. You will continue your personal journey with more integrity.

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