my personal journey

I started my personal health journey on the path of true healing at the age of 13. Even in my early teens I experienced how it feels to live in permanent pain (severe eczema) and how this affects the quality of life. At that time I didn’t know that so-called diseases are stagnant energies and that often one part of our body sacrifices itself to show us that we are no longer on our personal path.

Since my early childhood experienced heavy nose bleeding, severe eczema and as a teen I already a slight cartilage damage in my knee. Intuitively I knew very early that treating symptoms and not causes couldn't bring me health so I started looking for an alternative or natural remedies.

I found guidance and answers to my questions when I met the physician Uwe Albrecht. He invented an energetic healing system called innerwise®. After the first session my knee pain, which I suffered from for month, was gone. This pain was holding me back to reach my potentials as an athlete and now it was gone - without physical impact, shots or any other use of allopathic remedies. For me that was a little miracle and it was my first big step on my path of understanding the principles of life. Since then Uwe Albrecht has been a loving mentor for me and a big inspiration in my life - thanks Uwe!

I was a sports enthusiast since I was little. At the age of 20 I started with fitness and working out in the gym. My main goal was to continuously improve my performance and I also wanted to get healthier. So I began to drink more water and started to follow a "fitness diet" by eating plenty of lean meat, lots of dairy products and carbs in the form of potatoes, pasta and rice. Back then I truly thought that it was healthy but it turned out not to be. After five years of training I looked buff, but at the same time my muscles were stiff and cramping, I was sweating a lot and the severe eczema got worse. This which was all due to my lifestyle choices.

In January of 2010 it was the time when my skin was dramatically damaged especially on my arms, fingers, legs and in my face. I was burning from the inside out. With all the pain created by my burning and itching skin a high quality life was no longer possible. I was willing to change everything to get my health back.

Once again Uwe Albrecht helped me to realize what was going on. I stopped eating dairy products right away and within a few days my skin improved a lot and I was released from most of the pain. After that I slowly began to realize that every individual is responsible for his own life and health. Therefore I completed an innerwise® basic course in 2012 and started to learn how to heal myself.

While traveling through beautiful Canada in summer 2012 I learned what life is about and how it feels to be in the flow. It was unbelievable how many gifts were offered to me by the universe. I witnessed many divine synchronicities and miracles happening in and around me. This changed my perspective on life in a big way. It was a shift in consciousness for me and a time of inner awakening. I was amazed as I realized how much the diet affects my health. From now on I steadily increased the amount of raw living foods in my diet because my body told me to do so. I transitioned very quickly from my prio way of eating to a plant-based raw vegan living foods diet. This was a huge accelerator in raising my consciousness and changed my life forever. I was so amazed how fast I changed on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to live a 100% raw living vegan food lifestyle. To this day this lifestyle change hase been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I enjoy it everyday.

I was able to let go of fear and I took on full responsibility for my health and started to create a more fulfilling life for myself.

Since 2014 I am working as a Integrity Coach, Living Food Coach, Certified Detoxification Specialist and innerwise® Mentor. My life's purpose is to teach integrity and innerwise to bring true healing to the 21th century.

Professional Training and Certifications

certificateFall 2013 professionally trained and certified innerwise® coach.

Summer 2014 Integrity Workshop at the 3rd innerwise congress with Uwe Albrecht M.D.

Spring 2015 professionally trained and certified Detoxification Specialist by Dr. Rober Morse N.D. at International School of Detoxification in Florida, USA.

Since Summer 2015 advanced professional training in energetic healing and innerwise® mentor training with Uwe Albrecht M.D.

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